Furniture Restoration London

At Osbond and Tutt, our bespoke expertise in French polishing and furniture restoration can help to restore your worn or faded furniture back to its original appearance. Our highly skilled and experienced staff will use their traditional skills to restore the value and look of your treasured possession. 

Based in London, Osbond & Tutt have restored a huge variety of furniture items. Antique, vintage, or contemporary; we have  the right solution for you.

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Our Antique Furniture Restorers

Our skilled team is highly experienced with antique furniture restoration. With our group of trained furniture restorers, we can work on your precious items and rediscover their original, antique appearance.

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Furniture Restoration FAQs

How much does it cost to restore wooden furniture?

The cost of restoration depends entirely on the furniture item and its condition. Send us a picture of the item and the extent of the repairs required and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Contact us now for bespoke quotes on any restoration services, refinishing, or repairs.

What does restoring furniture involve?

Furniture restoration is the skilled practice using a variety of techniques  in order to clean, polish and effectively restore a worn or old piece of furniture. Our dedicated team of antique furniture restorers are capable of providing this type of work to the highest quality for our customers.