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What Is French Polishing?

French polishing is a wood finishing technique which aims to achieve a desired effect ranging from a matt finish to a high gloss on wooden furnishings, such as bookcases, dining chairs and dining tables, wall panelling interior doors, and staircases.

Traditional hand finished French polishing requires the application of several coats of shellac. French polishing is also an excellent method of enhancing the attributes of exotic woods by applying many layers to achieve the desired finish. 

Colour matching, which is the practice of making different wood types achieve the same look, is also part of the French polishers craft.

Take a look below at our different types of French polishing. We have vast experience of providing french polishing across a variety of services.


Furniture Polishing consists of applying polish to wooden furniture in order to provide a protective or decorative finish.

We also offer an alternative to French polishing. We offer a Lacquer finish which is more durable and designed for today’s lifestyle.

Furniture Restoration is the practice of rebuilding, repairing and refinishing to improve the  condition, and preserve the item’s value.

From chairs to cabinets, our highly qualified team of experts will return your furniture back to its original appearance

Furniture repairs are ideal for furniture that has begun to show signs of deterioration, from years of use. Osbond & Tutt has the expertise to address these issues. 

Our South London Furniture Repair workshop provides on-site repair services, so find out how we can help repair your unique furniture and get in touch with us today.

As well as furniture, your interior floors require a high level of maintenance.If not maintained flooring can become permanently damaged due to wear and tear from foot traffic leaving various scratches and stains. 

Fortunately, our extensive for Flooring Restoration services can prevent this damage from becoming permanent. For further information, visit our flooring restoration page.

For properties such as hotels, commercial properties and residential buildings, polishing staircases is a significant part of Osbond & Tutt’s work. 

Polishing and maintaining staircases is a valuable service as in most cases this application provides a more cost-effective solution than replacing staircases.

Polishing timber panels refers to the method of polishing the wooden material used to line walls in a room or corridor, usually found in a period property. Maintenance keeps the panels looking at their best and stops them from deteriorating.

Many homes, refurbished or new, possess timber panels in their interior design. See how our expert team of french polishers can help you with your timber panelling.

Due to the constant use of doors, opening and closing on a daily basis as well as exposure to   external elements- can start to show signs of wear and discolouration. 

We provide an extensive polishing service applied by our professional team to wooden doors to help maintain their appearance.

Outdoor Wooden Furniture requires a higher degree of care due to their exposure to the elements. We must consider the weather, humidity and any external factors that may affect the quality of each piece of outdoor wooden furniture. 

By applying our traditional polishing services, with additional applications – such as bleaching and protective substances – we can ensure customer satisfaction for each piece of  furniture we service.

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